Cruises & Tourism comes back to San Juan

Unless you have been under a rock or in living off the grid, you know that #PuertoRico got hit not once but twice but hurricanes in the month of September.  At one point, 95% of the island was without power.  Progress is being made but many of the rural areas of the island are still struggling without power, clean water and basic supplies.

Not taking into account all the things being said in the media, Puerto Rico has done a lot to bring back one of it's main sources of income - tourism.  Today, December 20th, was the official "Grand Re-Opening" of the island to tourists after Irma & Maria.  One cruise line, #RoyalCaribbean, did start sailing again on a limited basis back in October, most of the major cruise lines that have San Juan as it's home port, began normal service back in November and saw over 7000 cruisers on the 30th alone.  There are and were great deals for those who are willing to sail from San Juan through the end of December to the first week of January. 

As of now, there are close to 100 hotels now open in the San Juan area taking reservations for those who still want to come in or stay after their cruise.  After all these people have gone through, they are standing strong together with a lot of help from celebrities and those who see them as equals and US Citizens.  Please consider sailing from San Juan on your next cruise - it isn't just for your entertainment or relaxation but to help a culture rebuild. #PuertoRicoRelief