February 1, 2017 Newsletter

Well, what can we say about the last couple of weeks?  A lot has happened that has many of us scratching our heads, unsure of what the future has in store for us.  Here at Freedom Travel, we are standing firm and remaining optimistic for the future.  Whatever your travel needs, wants and dreams may be, we will do all the necessary research to answer your questions and help make your trip as smooth and stress free as possible.

In this issue we wanted to touch on destination weddings and honeymoons.  Many lucky couples made the recent holidays an extra memorable time by saying "Yes" to their loved ones and promising to spend their lives together.  If you, or someone you know found themselves falling into this category - Congratulations!  Now it's time to start planning.  Whether you are hoping to make your big day an extra special one by saying "I Do" on the ocean shores or are just hoping to spend those special Honeymoon days waking up secluded in your own private bungalow we are here to help! 

Airline News
Executive Order - For complete accuracy, it was decided to provide a link directly to Homeland Security's "Fact Sheets" page for up to the minute information.  Learn More...

Hotel News
Hilton Honors - Hilton Worldwide announced Tuesday, January 31st it will be dropping the pseudonymous "H" in its Hilton Honors program.  But this is minor in comparison to what else is awaiting their members in February.  The program will be unveiling a new slider tool that will help them decide how many Honors points they want to use in combination with money when booking their rooms.  Learn More...

Cruise News
Cruise Safety - As cruise season draws near, the cruising industry is focused on the safety of its passengers.  The Passenger Ship Safety conference recently took place in Miami where much focus was on fire safety.  Learn More...

Book Early - Many cruise companies have opened their schedules thru mid 2019.  It may seem far off in the distance, but now is the perfect time to set aside a week or two on our calendar and put down your deposit on a terrific cruise vacation.