*Update* Travel Warning to Playa del Carmen

Many of you heard about the travel warning that was released back on March 7th.  The US Consulate was shutdown due to explosive devices found on the ferry from Cozumel.  In fact, one of the devices did detonate back in February injuring 25 people.

Since then, there have been updates but none of it has been release by the US media. It was announced that the consulate has since reopened in Playa del Carmen and the warning/restriction has been eased.  In other words, there is no more warning.  Like many other US tourist destinations, you still need to use common sense when traveling - whether domestic or international. 

It was discovered that the devices found were not terrorist in nature but in retaliation toward one of owners of the ferry company.  Who, at one time, was the governer of the state who was brought up on charges of corruption.  This was someone who was upset with the owner and the company and did what he could to get back at him.  Sounds familiar these days, I'm sorry to say.

For those of you, who are have already booked your travels or have been on the fence about booking since this warning/restriciotn was announced, you are gonig to be safe gong to the Playa del Carmen area.. 

No matter where you travel internationally, we do recommend that you do register your travels with the State Deparment, in the event that something should happen abraod in your area.  This way they know who is in the area and can reach out to you.

If you have more questions or would like to talk more about this topic, please email or call us.