Dominican Republic Travel Update

The Dominican Republic is one of the hot spots for Caribbean travel.  Price wise it is comparable to flying to Cancun, which is a huge draw for many.   The only thing additional we had to do to was purchase a "tourist visa" to enter the country.  It was a minimal cost of $10 per person but you had to either pay for it when you arrived along with the other passengers or until couple of years you could prepay it online then print it out to take on your trip. 

It was just announced a few weeks ago that a change was made when it came to the tourist visa.  Effective April 25, 2018, the Dominican Republic government allowed the cost of the tourist visa to be included in the ticket cost.  You still need to show documentation but it has been advised that you will get your "paperwork" when you check in for your flight at the airport.  So make sure that on day of departure you stop by the ticket counter to make sure you have your paperwork in order or you may be stuck back in line twice before you are allowed to leave the terminal.