Expanded service to the Caribbean - means more destination for Midwest

We are all looking for something new to experience when it comes to travel or want to get there without having multiple stop or being forced to overnight along the way. Recently, Delta Airlines expanded seasonal service from JFK and Atlanta to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. While this may not seem like a big deal, it really is. With this new expanded service we can no fly from Omaha to what is called the most romantic island in the Caribbean with just one change of planes in Atlanta. is there a catch, yes…the catch is that you will fly only on Saturdays. Which means you get to spend a week in paradise and experience one of the many beaches or try out the longest running BBQ in the Caribbean. Come check out this new destination and disconnect for a while.


Airfare incraeses

Many of you have seen pricing increase especially around the holidays. For some this is going to be a time for overall increases. With higher fuel and operation costs, airlines have been slowly increasing airfare. Southwest was the latest airline to do this; however, theirs wasn’t as bad as what we typically see from the major airlines. This latest increase was only $2-$5 each way only domestic flights only. But is this a sign of things to come for international travel or when they finally being service to Hawaii.

Southwest Airlines

Mexico Immigration Tourist Card - Now Online

Does this scenario sounds familiar to you...You are heading to Mexico for that much needed time away but just before you land the flight attendants walk down the aisle to hand you the immigration form to fill out.  You are search for a pen or call dibs on the pen when then passenger next to you is done.  Once you have the pen, hopefully you have all the information readily available and that you don't make an error.

Well, that is all changing! You can now fill out the immigration/tourist card online 30 days prior to your arrival. 

I've provided two different links - one is the from the Mexican Immigration Department and the other is from the Cancun Airport.  Forms look different but the end result is the same.

Here’s what you need to complete the form:

  • Contact information
  • Passport information
  • Full Name of the Hotel in Mexico (Address is asked, but not required)
  • Arrival flight information
  • Email address to send you the Tourist Card
  • A printer to print the Tourist Card
  • Don't forget to sign the form!!

Southwest Receives Landing Hawaii

Last week Southwest received from the Hawaiian Department of Transport the permission to land in Honolulu.  This is the first step to bring service to the Hawaiian Islands.  The airlines is working on clearance to flying the Trans-Pacific route.  It is still anticipated that service will begin sometime in 2018 but no other details have been released.  We do know that the flight will originate somewhere on the West Coast, and if I had to take an educated guess, i would say service would be from Los Angeles, given the fact that we have seen expanded service to/from the LA area in recent months. 


Omaha to Angels

It was announced last week that #Southwest Airlines will expand it's nonstop service from #Omaha to #LosAngeles from a seasonal basis to year round.  The schedule will vary upon season but now you have more access to the West Coast.  I wonder if this is going to help coincide with the new service to #Hawaii later this year??  Hmm....


City of Brotherly Love is a nonstop flight away

American Airlines recently announced that it will begin new nonstop service to 6 cities starting June 7th. Two of those cities are Omaha and Des Moines.  I have already seen how this will benefit us in getting to international destinations like Cancun and London.  There could be either some short or long layover times but in the end it does keep a few more dollars in your pocket.  In the case of one client, they could meet in Philadelphia and fly over to Europe together and not have to find a common connecting city.  In certain cases, I've seen Des Moines offer slightly lower pricing because they are closer to the East which means less time and fuel lost/used.  


Delta makes changes to Basic Economy

If you haven't seen it or experienced it yet, Delta, as with many of the other major airlines have introduced a new fare called #BasicEconomy.  This can be the least expensive option in some markets but there is a catch to get the lowest fare.  No changes are allowed whatsoever and all you are allowed is your carry on and/or personal item.  There are no preassigned seats and won't get your boarding pass until you check in that day.  

But for some flights, but primarily for international flights, you will now pay $60 to check in a bag and $100 for a second bag when you have a Basic Economy ticket.  So, while you may be saving money on your ticket, you may end up paying more in the end if you have to check a bag or two.  So, make sure double check but know that we will always check all your flight options to make sure you are getting the best benefit from your ticket.

Delta Basic Economy to charge $60 for first checked bag on certain International flights

Delta Basic Economy to charge $60 for first checked bag on certain International flights

New service to Milwaukee

Earlier in November, very quietly, new nonstop service began to Milwaukee with a company called OneJet.  Now, this isn't your typical commercial flight.  You can't find this on any public site or any travel site.  The service is called first class service for the price of coach.  You are on a private plane with 7 seats between Omaha and Milwaukee.  There are only two flights per day and from what I have seen, it cost around $400 roundtrip.  Also, the service is only Monday -Friday to serve primarily the business traveler.  OneJet was founded by the former CEO of Midwest Express and many of the board members were once a part of Midwest Express.  They hope that this is just the beginning for OneJet out of Omaha.  I guess time will tell.

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee