Expanded service to the Caribbean - means more destination for Midwest

We are all looking for something new to experience when it comes to travel or want to get there without having multiple stop or being forced to overnight along the way. Recently, Delta Airlines expanded seasonal service from JFK and Atlanta to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. While this may not seem like a big deal, it really is. With this new expanded service we can no fly from Omaha to what is called the most romantic island in the Caribbean with just one change of planes in Atlanta. is there a catch, yes…the catch is that you will fly only on Saturdays. Which means you get to spend a week in paradise and experience one of the many beaches or try out the longest running BBQ in the Caribbean. Come check out this new destination and disconnect for a while.


Delta makes changes to Basic Economy

If you haven't seen it or experienced it yet, Delta, as with many of the other major airlines have introduced a new fare called #BasicEconomy.  This can be the least expensive option in some markets but there is a catch to get the lowest fare.  No changes are allowed whatsoever and all you are allowed is your carry on and/or personal item.  There are no preassigned seats and won't get your boarding pass until you check in that day.  

But for some flights, but primarily for international flights, you will now pay $60 to check in a bag and $100 for a second bag when you have a Basic Economy ticket.  So, while you may be saving money on your ticket, you may end up paying more in the end if you have to check a bag or two.  So, make sure double check but know that we will always check all your flight options to make sure you are getting the best benefit from your ticket.

Delta Basic Economy to charge $60 for first checked bag on certain International flights

Delta Basic Economy to charge $60 for first checked bag on certain International flights