Mandatory Evacuations on Big Island

Hawaii's Mt. Kilauea volcano has erupted on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was also reported that earthquakes could be felt proir to the eruption.  One of the subdivisions has been ordered to evacuate, affecting over 1,800 people.  In these areas, it has also been noted that there is very high levels of sulfur dioxide gas causing even more concern.  Even one of the other nearby craters has colapsed causing even more earthquakes.  Kilauea located at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has shut off this part of the park but the rest of the park is still open to the public, but is giving warning to those entering the park in case of the immediate need to evacuate.


Southwest Receives Landing Permit...in Hawaii

Last week Southwest received from the Hawaiian Department of Transport the permission to land in Honolulu.  This is the first step to bring service to the Hawaiian Islands.  The airlines is working on clearance to flying the Trans-Pacific route.  It is still anticipated that service will begin sometime in 2018 but no other details have been released.  We do know that the flight will originate somewhere on the West Coast, and if I had to take an educated guess, i would say service would be from Los Angeles, given the fact that we have seen expanded service to/from the LA area in recent months.