City of Brotherly Love is a nonstop flight away

American Airlines recently announced that it will begin new nonstop service to 6 cities starting June 7th. Two of those cities are Omaha and Des Moines.  I have already seen how this will benefit us in getting to international destinations like Cancun and London.  There could be either some short or long layover times but in the end it does keep a few more dollars in your pocket.  In the case of one client, they could meet in Philadelphia and fly over to Europe together and not have to find a common connecting city.  In certain cases, I've seen Des Moines offer slightly lower pricing because they are closer to the East which means less time and fuel lost/used.  


New service to Milwaukee

Earlier in November, very quietly, new nonstop service began to Milwaukee with a company called OneJet.  Now, this isn't your typical commercial flight.  You can't find this on any public site or any travel site.  The service is called first class service for the price of coach.  You are on a private plane with 7 seats between Omaha and Milwaukee.  There are only two flights per day and from what I have seen, it cost around $400 roundtrip.  Also, the service is only Monday -Friday to serve primarily the business traveler.  OneJet was founded by the former CEO of Midwest Express and many of the board members were once a part of Midwest Express.  They hope that this is just the beginning for OneJet out of Omaha.  I guess time will tell.

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee