Omaha to Angels

It was announced last week that #Southwest Airlines will expand it's nonstop service from #Omaha to #LosAngeles from a seasonal basis to year round.  The schedule will vary upon season but now you have more access to the West Coast.  I wonder if this is going to help coincide with the new service to #Hawaii later this year??  Hmm....


New Passport Process in Omaha - Effective October 1, 2017

As many of you know, for awhile to apply for a Passport in Omaha meant you had to go to specific Post Office locations to make an appointment.  Then tings changed a few years ago - there is now a central location to apply which is the Omaha Passport Center.  This is/was a Postal Impression located at 5346 S 136th St in Deerfield Plaza (Millard).  You had to call to make your appointment but now another change has come.  Effective October 1, 2017 you now set your Passport Application appointment online.  I've provided a link below for your convenience.

The online scheduler also applies to the one post office location in Bellevue as well as in Council Bluffs.  However, if there are no appointments available soon enough for you, the other option I highly recommend is going to the Sarpy County Courthouse - Clerk of the Court.  No appointment is necessary - they will accept applictions during their normal business hours.