Airfare incraeses

Many of you have seen pricing increase especially around the holidays. For some this is going to be a time for overall increases. With higher fuel and operation costs, airlines have been slowly increasing airfare. Southwest was the latest airline to do this; however, theirs wasn’t as bad as what we typically see from the major airlines. This latest increase was only $2-$5 each way only domestic flights only. But is this a sign of things to come for international travel or when they finally being service to Hawaii.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Receives Landing Hawaii

Last week Southwest received from the Hawaiian Department of Transport the permission to land in Honolulu.  This is the first step to bring service to the Hawaiian Islands.  The airlines is working on clearance to flying the Trans-Pacific route.  It is still anticipated that service will begin sometime in 2018 but no other details have been released.  We do know that the flight will originate somewhere on the West Coast, and if I had to take an educated guess, i would say service would be from Los Angeles, given the fact that we have seen expanded service to/from the LA area in recent months. 


Omaha to Angels

It was announced last week that #Southwest Airlines will expand it's nonstop service from #Omaha to #LosAngeles from a seasonal basis to year round.  The schedule will vary upon season but now you have more access to the West Coast.  I wonder if this is going to help coincide with the new service to #Hawaii later this year??  Hmm....