Passport "Fees" set to increase

The State Department has reviewed the costs involved to create and maintain Passports so effective April 2nd, it will cost $10 more to get and renew your Passport.  With the issues involving the REAL ID Act, many more people are opting to get a Passport for both domestic and international travel.  (Mind you, a Passport is required to fly internationally).  If you have been considering getting your Passport or needing to renew it, you will want to get on it sooner than later, or it will cost you more in the end.


New service to Milwaukee

Earlier in November, very quietly, new nonstop service began to Milwaukee with a company called OneJet.  Now, this isn't your typical commercial flight.  You can't find this on any public site or any travel site.  The service is called first class service for the price of coach.  You are on a private plane with 7 seats between Omaha and Milwaukee.  There are only two flights per day and from what I have seen, it cost around $400 roundtrip.  Also, the service is only Monday -Friday to serve primarily the business traveler.  OneJet was founded by the former CEO of Midwest Express and many of the board members were once a part of Midwest Express.  They hope that this is just the beginning for OneJet out of Omaha.  I guess time will tell.

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee

Twice a day nonstop service to Milwaukee

Omaha to offer first international flight

Beginning May 1, 2018 #Omaha will begin nonstop service to #Toronto on #AirCanada.  Departure from Toronto will depart at 2:30pm and the flight from Omaha will depart at 4:30pm. This is the first international flight for the Omaha airport in it's history.  While this is a great addition for Omaha, it will not make Omaha an international airport.  There are specific rules and regulations and currently the airport as it stands does fall short.  Again, I have heard talks about moving the airport in between Omaha and Lincoln but with all the renovation and expansions going on, it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.  Does bring up a good question about if this gives strength to having a rail system between Omaha and Lincoln.

New Nonstop Service to Toronto

New Nonstop Service to Toronto

Gran Caribe & Gran Porto Rebranded

This Fall you will find two new resorts - one in Cancun and one in the Riviera Maya.  Gran Caribe & Grand Porto resort have been re-branded as Panama Jack Resort.  Panama Jack has been know for it's beach attire and sunglasses.  Now they have thrown their hat (pun intended) to join the all inclusive experience.  They are calling this new venture as "all inclusive re-imagined".  These resorts still remaining family friendly resorts but know with the touches you find with all of their products.  It's about entering a tropical paradise where you will find both recreation and relaxation.  The adventure begins when you are a traveler and not a tourist.